Large Animal Services

Herd Work

Most work done with cattle is herd work. We have a hydraulic chute with a scale that is completely portable. We can easily come to you! Much of what we do for cattle follows the seasons of cattle production:

  • Calving Season: This is probably the most rewarding time of the year for us. Helping deliver calves and getting them ready to go out on pasture is what it is all about for a cattle producer.
  • Turn out: Calves need to be vaccinated and dewormed before turn out. They may also need to be banded or castrated and banded. Mama cows need to vaccinated pre-breeding to help prevent abortions
  • Summer/fall vaccinations: Pre-weaning vaccinations for calves gives them a leg up at weaning.
  • Weaning: This is a stressful time for calves and cows. Being prepared makes all the difference.
  • Preg checking: This is a great time to assess your cow herd. You have the opportunity to assess you cows for aging, teeth, udder quality, personality….(you know, the cow that put you over the panel last year…..)

Semen Testing

You have paid a fair price for your bulls, it is important that they can do the job for you. A breeding soundness exam (BSE) is so much more than just looking at a drop of semen on a slide. It really is a thorough exam of the the business end of a bull. Our goal is to do this exam quickly and accurately. Yearling can be hard to sample. Dr. Roster has tested thousands of yearlings throughout her career and this shows when she tests yearlings.

A complete BSE should include:

  • Scrotal palpation & taping where appropriate
  • Rectal Palpation
  • Trich testing (when necessary–Non-virgin bulls)
  • Visual exam of the penis and sheath
  • Examination of the semen sample for motility and morphology (abnormal semen)
  • Any other testing: PI BVD, Johnes, etc

IV Fluids for Baby Calves

Fluid therapy is the cornerstone of treating calf diarrhea (scours). And time is super, super important. Our goal is to quickly replace any lost fluids, balance out the electrolytes and return that calf to his mama ASAP. IV fluid therapy is easily done and the outcome is usually positive. Most calves need about 3-5 liters over the course of 8-12 hours and they are ready to go back out into the world.

Other Services and Products

Other Services:

  • Bangs vaccinations
  • Health Certificates
  • Dehorning
  • Laboratory testing
  • Post Mortem examination and testing
  • Sick patient exams and care
  • Beef Quality Assurance (BQA)


  • Vaccines and protocols
  • Antibiotics and serums
  • Calf supplies and medications
  • Colostrum Supplementation
  • Implants and strategies
A group of white cows all looking towards the camera